Monday, December 19, 2005

Mister Yellow

My name is Yellow. I was the new character of the T.V. show Red and Green. Every character called me Yellow because my braces were Yellow. I was an old friend of Uncle Red. He said to me to come to the show to become a new character of the show. He said that maybe with time I would be a main character. I knew why I was here. I was here for my special glue. My friend Red fixed everything with duct tape but for myself I could do better. My glue was safer for fixing things. Finally I gave a hand to Red during the show for the invention of the day. Also he gave me the opportunity to be in front of anonymous men the secret association of Red and Green on the stage. I was one of the main characters in that part of the show. Each time that Red and I made somthings it worked. I loved my place with Red for that part of the show too. The thing that I didn't like was that my name wasn't in the title of the show. I tought that (Red, Green and Yellow show) sounded good, but Red said no and Green too. A secondary character wasn't enough for me. Maybe next year or in another life I will have my own show. For now it is good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What happen last week in my T.V. show

1) Explain why Harold had something in is hair and what Mister Red said about that ?
Answer) Harold had something on his hair because he was a victim of aggression. He said that they were nine and three of them sat on his head. Mister Red said to Harold to nail all of them. But Harold said no, because he didn't want to use violence.

2) What was the invention of the week ? How and why Mister Red made the invention ?

Answer) Mister Red decided to made a heated drive way. Because when he arrived at Handy's house, his truck didn't stop and he broke Handy's garage door. He took an old stove with a booster cable and a piece of fence that he found on the side of the road. He put the power on and when he grabbed the handle of his truck he received a big electric discharge. It was funny to see his scarf go up.

3)What happened with Harold and the other guy when they decided to dig a hole in the ice for ice fishing ?

Answer) First the other guy drilled a hole where the ice was too small and the ice cracked. Then Harold found a good place and when they start to drilled a hole they began to turn with the machine.

4) What was the thing that Harold took off from the ice with the other guy and what happened with the ting ?

Answer) he took off a small shed from the water, and he decided to use it with the other guy. I don't known why, but Harold pushed the shed and with the other guy they decided to drill a new hole into his shed. When they turned with the machine, the machine broke and the shed broke too.

5) What happened with Harold when he decided to use violence for the aggressors and what did Mister Red do to help him ?

Answer) Harold came back with a lot of show on his head and his coat was full too. So Harold asked Mister Red to come with him and they went to see the agressors. But Mister Red didn't nail the aggressors. He pushed Harold to do it.

Monday, September 26, 2005

What Oncle Red did ???

In the last show the intention of Mr. Red was so terrible. He decided to build a caravan. So he took two boats. One for the top and the other one for the belly. This ingenious guy had a very good idea for the wall. He brought some electric house hold and he stole the door of each one. He said when he took the door of the fridge that’s so great because it had space for eggs. The caravan had a window from a door of a stove. The most impressive thing was that all part of the caravan was fixed by duct tape. After that Mr. Red decided to help a friend. He repaired a hockey stick of his friend. It was funny because he found that his friend was a layer his friend said that he played for the Maple Leave of Toronto

Monday, September 19, 2005

my tv show

In that show there are two main characters. You have Mister Red the intelligent guy and Mister Green the stupid guy. Those two characters have the same suit and the suit is very funny. I will describe the suit for you. They have the same pants and the same shirt and the funniest thing is the strap. Each guy has one red strap and an one green one. The action is mister Red's house and his neighbor is Mister Green. In each show he has one invention by Mister Red. Each time the invention is so strange, because the only tool that Mr. Red uses for his invention is duct tape. It is not a real tool but Mr. Red uses that to fix everything. In the show he has a very funny little part. Mister Red says some sentense to another guy and the other guy has to find the word that Mr. Red is triing to say. For example, if the word is school, Mr. Red says: Where do you go to learn. But the other guy says to the library. And when Mr. Red says something stupid the other guy finds the real word and it is funny. He has another guy with white hair who tries the idea of Mr. Red and each time this guy breaks his body.